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Most people prefer to buy used or new cars through dealers or brokers because it makes their job much simpler. Indeed, they can take care of all the technical details while you can focus on what kind of features you want and other personal choices. Not all are the same. Some give you a better deal than others:

How to save money  
There are many ways to save money on any car purchase. Here are some examples:
•    Wait for special offers at different times of the year when many dealers may be offering special financing and/or rebates
•    Check the availability of the vehicle you want. When the supply is high and/or the demand is low, you will get a better deal compared to a high demand vehicle
•    Dealer demo units which can be sold as new often offer lower pricing

Saving on cars long term
There are immediate savings you can make on a used car and then there are long term savings. Here are some ways you can be a bit more diligent when you sign the papers for a used car:
•    Look at certified used cars because they have gone through a thorough inspection and usually extend the warranty
•    Check the vehicle history report for any reported past damage or repairs

By selecting a reliable car in the beginning, you will lower your chance of any costly repairs long term. With any used car there is always an inherent risk, so it is important that you purchase from a trusted dealer.


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We'll locate the exact vehicle you are looking for, negotiate on your behalf for the best possible deal, then deliver your new car to your home or office. We can typically save you more time and money than any other car buying service or New Car Dealer, and we never charge a fee. Los Angeles Car Brokers since 1962.

Let us know what you are looking for in your next vehicle. We'll process your request and get back to you within 24 hours . NO OBLIGATION.

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