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Best Auto Lease Specials — Why They Can Be Preferred Over Buying

Many people lease cars that they would otherwise like to own because it is more affordable and they can change their cars more frequently.  Leasing Autos is one of the most common ways to drive a more expensive vehicle without a lot of money up-front and with a lower monthly payment compared to the purchase of that same vehicle.  However, you do need to be aware of small details when you lease a car.  There are pros and cons to leasing and it is important to understand both in order to make an informed decision.

Finding Cheap Leases

The cheapest lease may not necessarily be the best lease.   There are always costs attached to any lease including:    

  • Higher insurance requirements
  • Mileage limits
  • Bank fees
  • Lease Return Fees

All of these are important factors to consider before contracting for a fixed period of time. When comparing a lease, don't just compare the selling price of the car, consider all the factors above.  If you find that one dealer is offering a cheaper lease for the same car model than another, make sure you get all the details.  

Leasing At The Right Time

If you want the best auto lease specials, then compare any offers based on the above parameters, not just the upfront cost. Dealers frequently offer cheap lease deals year-round on many of their models and offer loyalty incentives to keep customers coming back to lease from them again. 

A good time to lease autos can be when the body style of any particular model changes for the new year.  The manufacturer may offer extra incentives on the previous model year in order to make room for the new inventory. 

Okuma Enterprises, an Auto Broker in Los Angeles for over 55 years, can help you find the best auto lease specials and explain all the benefits to insure a lease is the best option for your needs. 323-981-1480


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